Artist Studio Series: Maria

I got connected to this online art community called Doodlers Anonymous. A couple of weeks ago I was viewing one of the “Coloring Book Interview Series” and saw some eye catching illustrations by Maria Garcia.

maria fox mariaboatshirt

I saw a picture of her paint box and wondered what her studio space looked like.

Maria Paintbox

So, I emailed Maria and asked her if she would be interested in being a part of the Paper Opera Artist Studio Series. She said yes!

Maria Garcia Studio – Maria writes about her studio below.

“This is my studio during my stays in Spain. It is on the top floor of my home. It’s a really calm space, with blue walls, white furniture, Catalan vault ceiling and an access to a balcony from where you can see the sea.”

10 9

“In my studio there is a table with a small light table area and a sofa where I like to lay for sketching or reading.”

1 8

“The most precious thing I have in my studio is my watercolour box. My parents gave it to me when I was still a kid and through years it has developed its own personality. I use it every day and I kind of consider that my studio is wherever I carry my box.”

6 5

“I like to work with no one around and with music playing. I usually keep it clean and tidy, sometimes it gets messy but then I get stressed because I can’t find anything and I don’t know where to put my stuff.”

3 1

“I’m more creative during morning and I like to have long walks on the beach in the afternoon, it’s a really good way to get inspired and have new ideas.”

4 11

You can view Maria’s work on her website



3 thoughts on “Artist Studio Series: Maria

  1. Oh wow! What gorgous inspiration. I love her studio! The Sun lamp is amazing and what a view of the sea. Loving this “I kind of consider that my studio is wherever I carry my box.”

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