Art Show at the Springfield Art Museum

I received an email from the Springfield Art Museum last year saying that they wanted to kick off a new gallery space in their gift shop to display art from the locals in Springfield. I submitted my work and was truly thrilled to receive an acceptance letter. My painting “Conversation Homesick” from the “Developed and Less Finished: Maintaining Life” series is now on display for the next six months as part of the “Art in Our City” exhibition at the Springfield Art Museum.



Read about the “Art in Our City Exhibit” details here.


There is an article about the exhibit in the SGF Neighborhood News.


Delta des Refuses Event

The Delta des Refuses event at the Laman Library – Argenta branch is a special exhibition showcase for artists who were not accepted into the 57th Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center (a vast majority of the works entered were passed over). This show is inspired by the original 1863 Salon des Refusés held in Paris. Featured artists included Manet, Cezanne, Pissarro, and many others who are now widely recognized as masters of their time.

I was one of the artists not accepted into the 57th Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center. Typically, I would not feel the bitter rejection – I submit a lot of work to a lot things and get a lot of rejection letters and emails. However, when I found out that George Dombek was serving as the juror, I was disappointed. My grandmother was married to George Dombek’s brother for forty years. I have never met George that I can remember – it wasn’t like close family or anything – he most likely does not even know who I am. I didn’t become an artist because he was an artist or anything like that. But I thought that would be a kind of cool way to meet him (indirectly meet him), through him viewing my work. Alas, it is not our time yet to meet.

I submitted three paintings from my Romania painting series: Romania Hillside, Romania Poppy Field and Hillside, and Fairytale Romania.

Romania romania hillside final
Romania romania poppy field and hillside final

When I first received the invitation to the Delta des Refuses exhibition, I didn’t want to participate because I didn’t want my artist peers to know I had submitted and was not accepted. The more I thought about the exhibition however, the more I was encouraged that there was an opportunity to show my “rejected” work. I also was curious to see what other pieces and artists were rejected.

We went to the opening and there were so many people there. We even ran into some friends who were enjoying the art.

IMG_7778 IMG_7779
IMG_7781 IMG_7785
IMG_7787 IMG_7791
IMG_7793 IMG_7796
IMG_7797 IMG_7799 IMG_7804

The show will run through October 16, 2015 at the Laman Library – Argenta branch.

Mixing Art & Music

I was remembering back to July when we went for a fun trip to Dallas. We originally went because we got Yann Tiersen concert tickets. We stayed with my aunt and had a super nice long weekend together.

We visited the Dallas Museum of Art, which was fantastic! M especially liked the Isa Genzken geometric sculptures.

dallas 3 dallas 9
dallas 2 dallas

We posed in front of some art works for fun. I posed with “Lady Godiva” by Anne Whitney . M posed with “Homage to Victory Boogie Woogie #1” by Leon Polk Smith.

dallas 8 dallas 5

That night we went to the Yann Tiersen concert at the Granada Theater where his band played mostly songs from their latest album “Infinity” – this concert was incredible. M and I were completely inspired.

dallas 4 dallas 6

We also took a short day trip to Waco to visit M’s sister H. There was this great “play something” piano just outside in the middle of the town. So M played something!

dallas 7

It was a great trip of mixing art and music.

Art Museum Picnic

M and I took the kids for the lunch hour on Friday.

M brought a picnic lunch, and everyone enjoyed the goodies (peanut butter and jelly sandwich, banana, and kettle chips).

We had to keep a lookout because the geese kept invading our picnic!

The kids found a resting duck on our way into the museum.

Once into the Arkansas Arts Center , we went to Carroll Cloar’s exhibit. The kids seemed very interested in Cloar’s work and when asked how they would describe it, they said “cool.”
AACpicnic13 AACpicnic7 AACpicnic9

Looking at art is a great way to spend the lunch hour!
AACpicnic5 AACpicnic10 AACpicnic6

There was even a kids area – which I thought was “cool.” While Al helped ZZ with the magnets, SS made his own composition.
AACpicnic8  AACpicnic2

Two things I learned while viewing art with kids was #1 When holding the two year old, I focused more on colors and shapes because I wasn’t sure what else to point out in the painting.

#2 Going to see art with your kids is a really good thing! Also, people will look at you approvingly and admire your genius family.

What a good looking bunch!
AACpicnic3 AACpicnic4

Inspiration & Studio Session


 M picked me up for lunch and we went to the Arkansas Arts Center Carroll Cloar Exhibition. When we first walked into the gallery, it smelled really bad, and I couldn’t place what the smell was. It wasn’t until we got to the Carroll Cloar studio installation that I realized the smell was old paper. If you have ever made your own paper and your paper pulp got moldy, you know that smell can be painful. M took a picture of me in front of Cloar’s studio, and I thought I was smiling, but apparently I was just looking at the camera.

There were so many beautiful patterns and colors. The compositions were also very pleasing to look at.

CloarQuilt CloarRR

I got inspired and decided to forego house chores and to-do maintenance list (mostly involving my stinky dog Ein) and worked in my studio.


I put in an old black & white movie – The Sky’s the Limit (1943), a romantic musical comedy film starring Fred Astaire and Joan Leslie – and got to work. At one point, I found myself wishing that Fred Astaire’s name was spelled with an E, like Esterre. I don’t know why.


I finished my chicken painting studies.

Chicken studies

I want to do a large landscape painting with chickens in the foreground, so I gessoed over an old painting. It was a failed painting that I never finished.

StudioGessoI always feel super great when I work in my studio. It’s the same feeling when I’m playing music. I feel alive and immersed in the present. I feel awake.