Paintings for Livada: Orthodox

When I was on the missions trip with Grace Church serving the Livada Orphan Care ministry in Romania, the beauty of the country inspired me. I had the idea that when I got home to Arkansas I could paint these Romanian scenes and donate the paintings to Livada to raise money for orphan sponsorship.

We spent one afternoon in the heart of Targu Mures, Romania – our “tourist” day if you will. I really liked this small orthodox cathedral and decided to paint it.

IMG_2597 grace group downtown 11
downtown 13 IMG_2604
IMG_2602 IMG_2598 downtown 7

Image to Paint

12. Orthodox

Charcoal Sketch on Canvas

12. Orthodox Sketch

Painting Sketch (1st Coat)

romania orthodox

Painting Sketch (2nd Coat)

romania orthodox 2nd coat

Final Painting



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