15 Illustrations: First Birthday Buzz

I am working with Inktense pencils, Micron ink pens, and Canson Illustration 11×14″ 150lb art pad to create 15 illustrations (that is how many pieces of paper are in the art pad) of my current family life and inspirations.

img_7134 img_7135 img_7138

This work is narrative in content and uses color in a monochromatic way accentuating one part of each drawing. These fun and quirky illustrations are a reflection of the current joy and activities I have been experiencing.

“First Birthday Buzz” was the big first birthday milestone for our daughter. We invited a big group of family and friends for an outdoor party. It was in early October and warm out with a cool breeze – perfect light sweater weather. We had a chili lunch aka “frito pie”, cake, singing, and presents in a short but very sweet hour. I used Inktense Ink Block Mustard because M said it would look the best and I wanted something bright and happy.


My favorite details of this drawing are the birthday singing group and all of their clothing patterns and styles, the little girl holding the balloon with the birthday hat bee stinger,

img_9574 img_9575

the decorated cake table,



the fun party pendant, garlands, and decorations, (the garland was also in “Key of G” Drawing”)


the fun family closeups,

img_9578 img_9584 img_9586img_9581 img_9582

and the table cloth pattern.


Inspirations for this drawing – these amazing photos were taken by Nikki fromNikki&Paul Photo/Film.

img_8150 img_7705
img_7700 img_7775



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