Paintings for Livada: Sighisoara Clock Tower

When I was on the missions trip with Grace Church serving the Livada Orphan Care ministry in Romania, the beauty of the country inspired me. I had the idea that when I got home to Arkansas I could paint these Romanian scenes and donate the paintings to Livada to raise money for orphan sponsorship.

Sighisoara was our one day excursion at the end of the trip – the touristy sight seeing adventure. After the group tour – the house in which Vlad Tepes, aka dracula, was born (now hosting a restaurant and a small museum of medieval weapons) – we had an hour or so to look around the city. This clock tower was our first stop and a photo op at that!

sighisoara2 IMG_2983 sighisoara1
IMG_2998 IMG_3002
IMG_9046 IMG_9048 IMG_9047

Image to Paint

13. Sighisoara Clock Tower

Charcoal Sketch on Canvas

13. Sighisoara Clock Tower Sketch

Painting Sketch (1st Coat)

romania sighisoara clock tower

Painting Sketch (2nd Coat)

Sighisoara Clock Tower 2nd Coat

Final Painting



A Studio Day

My studio day was spent working on the Romania paintings. I approached my studio space and knew I needed a fresh space to work in. I rearranged my studio, moving everything around to make a new space for myself.

View from the window

View from the door

With my fresh space, I put on my audio track, and set up my paintings. My goal for the day was to cover the 13 charcoal sketched canvas in paint. I placed all of the canvas around the room in a line.

studioday4 studioday2
studioday5 studioday7

I approached my easel and worked on mixing my color palette (oil paint).

studioday studioday17 studioday16
studio work 4  studio work 2 studiowork

When covered in paint, the canvas was moved on top of the drafting table and flat file cabinet. The uncovered canvas would all get to move one space forward in their little line.

studioday20 studioday21 romania studio 2

I was covered in paint and pretty tired by the end, but it was a job well done!

studioday25 Romania studio 5
romania studio studioday22