15 Illustrations: Book Babies at Terry Library

I am working with Inktense pencils, Micron ink pens, and Canson Illustration 11×14″ 150lb art pad to create 15 illustrations (that is how many pieces of paper are in the art pad) of my current family life and inspirations.

This work is narrative in content and uses color in a monochromatic way accentuating one part of each drawing. These fun and quirky illustrations are a reflection of the current joy I have been experiencing with my family and friend life situation.

“Book Babies at Terry Library” was a direct inspiration from a children’s reading program at the Terry Library in Little Rock, Arkansas called “Book Babies” and was such a fun time for E and I. Book babies is a 30 minute program that meets once a week and involves stories, action rhymes, songs, and a playtime/social time at the end.

I used Inktense pencil Carmine Pink for my monochromatic color, which felt very fun and playful within this composition. I have been going to my favorite art shop – National Art Shop – in Springfield, MO to pick up extra Inktense pencil colors.


Here are the close ups of all of the moms and their kiddos.

IMG_9148 IMG_9149 IMG_9147 IMG_9146 IMG_9150 IMG_9145 IMG_9151

Here is E and I!


Some details I liked were the rug pattern and the background books – all of which we have read!




While we were still living in Arkansas, the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) promoted a very fun and challenging program called 1,000 Books Before Kindergarden  which we did in six months. For me it was a lot of research in the children’s books publishing world. For E it was just a lot of fun with mama.

The inspiration for this drawing: