Death of an Artist

Yes, this may be a grave post, but as a type 4 Enneagram, I think about death. I don’t think about death necessarily in a depressed or creepy way, just about the thing itself as well as the customs and rituals around it (Resources: Enneagram Institute and for an entertaining way to learn about the Enneagram, Joshua French does some great Enneagram type impressions on YouTube in his Happiness for Enneagram series).

I wanted to make my will and pick out my burial ground and headstone. The only thing I really have to leave to anyone is my art (paintings, drawings, prints, and books I’ve made with M). I think I would want a certain peoplesin my family to pick out what they want and the rest to be donated to Museums around the country – and of course to the Arkansas Arts Center.

I found family buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Paris, AR and thought that could be a good place – it would connect me to someone and somewhere from a historical perspective. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who actively visits gravesides, so I don’t think it really matters where I’m buried because I don’t think anyone will visit the place.

Here were some family headstones I found.
VeraJacobs DwightStroupe Chrystal Jacobs

Like Father – Like Son
ColHenryStroupe ColHenryStroupII

These are a little different – I like the last name in relief.
Dever LPJacobs2 

Overall they are pretty general tombstones, except for the Mausoleum!

I looked on Pinterest for headstone ideas – and there were themes of figures, angels, baby angels, pets, etc.

Human figures in a cemetery are creepy.
Grave_CreepyFigure1 Grave_CreepyFigure2

Pet animal statues are confusing – is it your PET’S grave or a pet on YOUR grave?
Grave_Animal2 Grave_Animal1

Angels make it look Catholic, which is great, but I’m not Catholic.
Grave_CatholicAngel1 Grave_CatholicAngel2

Baby angels are okay, but not my cuppa.
Grave_BabyAngel2 Grave_BabyAngel1

No – I just can’t even imagine this.

I thought a bench would be nice – so people could take a rest when strolling through.

Of course there are many new and modern ways to be buried.

Just for fun – some artists graves.

 Grave of Nicolas Platon-Argyriades

The Grave of Nicolas Platon-Argyriades [Platon] (1888-1968) – Ceramic artist and Potter – and his Wife Paque (1903-1961)

Michelangelo Grave

Michelangelo Grave

Vincent Van Gogh Grave

Vincent Van Gogh Grave

Leonardo Da Vinci Grave

Leonardo Da Vinci Grave