15 Illustrations: Watching the Larpers at Phelps Grove Park

I am working with Inktense pencils, Micron ink pens, and Canson Illustration 11×14″ 150lb art pad to create 15 illustrations (that is how many pieces of paper are in the art pad) of my current family life and inspirations.

img_7138 img_7135 img_7134

This work is narrative in content and uses color in a monochromatic way accentuating one part of each drawing. These fun and quirky illustrations are a reflection of the current joy and activities I have been experiencing.

“Watching the Larpers at Phelps Grove Park,” was something we did a hand full of times last fall. Larpers are live action role-players “where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character.” (via Wikipedia) When the weather is nice out the Larpers and their families meet up at Phelps Grove Park on Sunday afternoons and play for a couple of hours. We always think it would be fun to let Ein off leash and yell “Warg attack!” – but of course we do not do this. I used Inktense pencil poppy red for the picnic blanket and one of the Larpers’ teams. I have really been wanting to use red, but it’s such a vivid color that it was hard to find a place for it until this drawing.


My favorite things about this drawing are the Larpers,


the nature (trees and grass) patterns,

img_9638 img_9640

our family (dad, mom, baby, and dog),

img_9641 img_9642
img_9643 img_9644

and the picnic blanket pattern and polka dotted pants.

img_9646  img_9649

Inspiration for this drawing
img_2583 img_6369


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