Artist Studio Series: L.K.

studio canvas  studio pallette

When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I work during the day as a professional and then I go home and work in my studio. Some people respond “you work and then you work!” and others say “cool.” As of yet, no one has asked me about my studio.

studio shelf

My studio is the place where I feel at home, and incidentally is inside my house. Originally in the living room, I ruined countless pieces of furniture with paint and ink. So our bedroom was moved to the second small room, and my studio moved in the “master bedroom.” This is the short history of my studio.

 studio dog

M and I made special shutters to let the light in. Ein can open the shutters using her nose and she often likes to look out the window

studio apron

Things in my studio:
It has a large drafting table (from missionaries downsizing $300), an easel (a birthday gift from my parents $200 from Art Outfitters in Little Rock), a large paper file (Craigslist for $100), a shelf (found wood and put up by M), a kitchen cabinet drawer (found on the side of the road), a kitchen rolling tray (Pennsylvania Trading Company $15), studio light (found in my parents storage room), a large piece of Masonite to catch the paint that falls (found in another studio), a wall hook (found scrap wood and three hardware hooks from a failed kitchen project), painting apron (from Anthropologie on sale $10), and laptop with Adobe CS6 and Wacom tablet (Craigslist $900).

studio table

Things to come:
On my wishlist: A canvas painting rack ($200 in wood, tools to borrow, and time to build), a printing press (please Lord, $2,000-$5,000), and a studio lamp ($100-$300).

studio easel studio floor


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