The Life and Times of Ein – the Studio Dog

Ein is a studio dog.

ein2 studiodog10

Since  a puppy, she herself once played the keyboard and squeaky toy.

As an artists dog, Ein gets all sorts of opportunities that maybe other regular dogs don’t get.

Looking at the art outside of the Arkansas Arts Center.


Dressing up as famous artists.

studiodog6 studiodog7
studiodog8 studiodog9

She gets to live with fine art in her house.


Playing shows with The Damsels in Distress


Going to garden parties and meeting the chickens.


Reading and playing chess are also activities studio dogs like.
IMG_2150  IMG_2154 IMG_2157
IMG_2208 IMG_2210  IMG_2212
IMG_2213 IMG_2216
IMG_2221 IMG_2223

The truth is, that Ein really loves being the dog of an artist!

IMG_2982 einstudio

Ein in the studio

L.K with Einstudio dog
CAGMar6L.K. Eating





Art Night for Projects

The Art Night for April 2014 met and I am thinking this group needs a name – like Crunch and Create, Munch and Make, or Snack and Scheme. The night serves dinner and then space and time to work on a creative project.

M made chicken and vegetable fried rice and then baked chocolate chip cookies.
M Cooking M Baking

Mariel was the first arrival and continued her puppet making project for the Man and Bear musical puppet show by the Damsels in Distress.
MG First Arrival M.G. space M.G. space buttons

J brought a Darth Vader coat rack that she wanted to touch up paint.
J and project J space darth vader J working

M.M. brought her beautiful beads and worked on a bracelet.
M.M. space beads M.M. project bracelet

K and A came together, sat together, and worked on their projects together! K worked on a felt billfold, and A worked on sewing an image for her trading card group.
K and A working K and A working 3 K and A working 2

I worked on printing cards to send to Lucy Luton in England. I was one of the first three to email her for a contest, and she sent me some of her cards – so I wanted to send her some of my cards.
L.K. Carving 2 L.K. Space Ink area L.K. space prints

More pictures of the night!
L.K. space ink work table
 L.K with Ein M.G. Eating
work space L.K. Carving

Art Studio Series: Emily

Emily Wood is an artist in Arkansas. I know her from the Master of Arts painting program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She teaches at the Arkansas Arts Center, and is highly involved in the Arkansas artist community.

Her website is

Emily Wood’s Art Studio – Emily talks about her studio below.

“My studio is in the sun room at my house– it has tile floors and windows on 3 sides.”

“Besides being a little small and a mess, I love it! The lighting is great and I can open the windows when the weather is nice. This is also my dog, Turk’s ‘room’, so I am always picking dog hair out of my paintings!”

EmilyWood1 EmilyWood3


Artist Studio Series: L.K.

studio canvas  studio pallette

When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I work during the day as a professional and then I go home and work in my studio. Some people respond “you work and then you work!” and others say “cool.” As of yet, no one has asked me about my studio.

studio shelf

My studio is the place where I feel at home, and incidentally is inside my house. Originally in the living room, I ruined countless pieces of furniture with paint and ink. So our bedroom was moved to the second small room, and my studio moved in the “master bedroom.” This is the short history of my studio.

 studio dog

M and I made special shutters to let the light in. Ein can open the shutters using her nose and she often likes to look out the window

studio apron

Things in my studio:
It has a large drafting table (from missionaries downsizing $300), an easel (a birthday gift from my parents $200 from Art Outfitters in Little Rock), a large paper file (Craigslist for $100), a shelf (found wood and put up by M), a kitchen cabinet drawer (found on the side of the road), a kitchen rolling tray (Pennsylvania Trading Company $15), studio light (found in my parents storage room), a large piece of Masonite to catch the paint that falls (found in another studio), a wall hook (found scrap wood and three hardware hooks from a failed kitchen project), painting apron (from Anthropologie on sale $10), and laptop with Adobe CS6 and Wacom tablet (Craigslist $900).

studio table

Things to come:
On my wishlist: A canvas painting rack ($200 in wood, tools to borrow, and time to build), a printing press (please Lord, $2,000-$5,000), and a studio lamp ($100-$300).

studio easel studio floor