Art Studio Series: Emily

Emily Wood is an artist in Arkansas. I know her from the Master of Arts painting program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She teaches at the Arkansas Arts Center, and is highly involved in the Arkansas artist community.

Her website is

Emily Wood’s Art Studio – Emily talks about her studio below.

“My studio is in the sun room at my house– it has tile floors and windows on 3 sides.”

“Besides being a little small and a mess, I love it! The lighting is great and I can open the windows when the weather is nice. This is also my dog, Turk’s ‘room’, so I am always picking dog hair out of my paintings!”

EmilyWood1 EmilyWood3



Death of an Artist

Yes, this may be a grave post, but as a type 4 Enneagram, I think about death. I don’t think about death necessarily in a depressed or creepy way, just about the thing itself as well as the customs and rituals around it (Resources: Enneagram Institute and for an entertaining way to learn about the Enneagram, Joshua French does some great Enneagram type impressions on YouTube in his Happiness for Enneagram series).

I wanted to make my will and pick out my burial ground and headstone. The only thing I really have to leave to anyone is my art (paintings, drawings, prints, and books I’ve made with M). I think I would want a certain peoplesin my family to pick out what they want and the rest to be donated to Museums around the country – and of course to the Arkansas Arts Center.

I found family buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Paris, AR and thought that could be a good place – it would connect me to someone and somewhere from a historical perspective. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who actively visits gravesides, so I don’t think it really matters where I’m buried because I don’t think anyone will visit the place.

Here were some family headstones I found.
VeraJacobs DwightStroupe Chrystal Jacobs

Like Father – Like Son
ColHenryStroupe ColHenryStroupII

These are a little different – I like the last name in relief.
Dever LPJacobs2 

Overall they are pretty general tombstones, except for the Mausoleum!

I looked on Pinterest for headstone ideas – and there were themes of figures, angels, baby angels, pets, etc.

Human figures in a cemetery are creepy.
Grave_CreepyFigure1 Grave_CreepyFigure2

Pet animal statues are confusing – is it your PET’S grave or a pet on YOUR grave?
Grave_Animal2 Grave_Animal1

Angels make it look Catholic, which is great, but I’m not Catholic.
Grave_CatholicAngel1 Grave_CatholicAngel2

Baby angels are okay, but not my cuppa.
Grave_BabyAngel2 Grave_BabyAngel1

No – I just can’t even imagine this.

I thought a bench would be nice – so people could take a rest when strolling through.

Of course there are many new and modern ways to be buried.

Just for fun – some artists graves.

 Grave of Nicolas Platon-Argyriades

The Grave of Nicolas Platon-Argyriades [Platon] (1888-1968) – Ceramic artist and Potter – and his Wife Paque (1903-1961)

Michelangelo Grave

Michelangelo Grave

Vincent Van Gogh Grave

Vincent Van Gogh Grave

Leonardo Da Vinci Grave

Leonardo Da Vinci Grave

Art Museum Picnic

M and I took the kids for the lunch hour on Friday.

M brought a picnic lunch, and everyone enjoyed the goodies (peanut butter and jelly sandwich, banana, and kettle chips).

We had to keep a lookout because the geese kept invading our picnic!

The kids found a resting duck on our way into the museum.

Once into the Arkansas Arts Center , we went to Carroll Cloar’s exhibit. The kids seemed very interested in Cloar’s work and when asked how they would describe it, they said “cool.”
AACpicnic13 AACpicnic7 AACpicnic9

Looking at art is a great way to spend the lunch hour!
AACpicnic5 AACpicnic10 AACpicnic6

There was even a kids area – which I thought was “cool.” While Al helped ZZ with the magnets, SS made his own composition.
AACpicnic8  AACpicnic2

Two things I learned while viewing art with kids was #1 When holding the two year old, I focused more on colors and shapes because I wasn’t sure what else to point out in the painting.

#2 Going to see art with your kids is a really good thing! Also, people will look at you approvingly and admire your genius family.

What a good looking bunch!
AACpicnic3 AACpicnic4