The Life and Times of Ein – the Studio Dog

Ein is a studio dog.

ein2 studiodog10

Since  a puppy, she herself once played the keyboard and squeaky toy.

As an artists dog, Ein gets all sorts of opportunities that maybe other regular dogs don’t get.

Looking at the art outside of the Arkansas Arts Center.


Dressing up as famous artists.

studiodog6 studiodog7
studiodog8 studiodog9

She gets to live with fine art in her house.


Playing shows with The Damsels in Distress


Going to garden parties and meeting the chickens.


Reading and playing chess are also activities studio dogs like.
IMG_2150  IMG_2154 IMG_2157
IMG_2208 IMG_2210  IMG_2212
IMG_2213 IMG_2216
IMG_2221 IMG_2223

The truth is, that Ein really loves being the dog of an artist!

IMG_2982 einstudio

Ein in the studio

L.K with Einstudio dog
CAGMar6L.K. Eating





The adventure of an artist and her pullet.


A couple of weeks ago I was asked to create a logo for a local chicken coop rental called Fresh Eggs 4 U. This is the logo – which she designed and I created.

I asked if L – the owner, was interested in trading something for the logo. She said she would trade a chicken – to be more specific, she would trade for a silver laced Wyandotte that is about 10 months old.

This is the chicken – which is from Dragonfly Farm

The chicken, which I named Ms PotPie I received at 7:00 a.m. in a small cat crate. Since it was M.R’s birthday, we decided to take the chicken to her for her best birthday present. M and I drove Ms. PotPie to M.R.’s house and entered her house at 7:10 a.m.


Since it was M.R’s birthday, S.R. brought donuts!

ScottDonut ZDonut SamDonut

And M.R. opened her handmade card from Paper Opera!

MarciCard MarciCard2

We got to it and introduced Ms. PotPie to her new chicken roommates – Mole, BBQ, and Dumpling.

MsPPIntroduce MsPPNewHome

Everyone waited anxiously to see how it would turn out. Would Mole, BBQ, and Dumpling like the new Ms. PotPie?

MsPPFeelinItOut  GroupChicken

The anticipation was building!

SamChicken   ZandMWait

Mole, BBQ, and Dumpling decided they had to get out of there and check out the box that Ms. PotPie came in – leaving Ms. PotPie alone in the corner of the coop.

ChickenRoommates    ChickenGroupSniffCrate

So, in the end, maybe they didn’t fall in love with her right away, but Ms. PotPie was left getting cozy in her new coop!


And that is the adventure of the artist and her pullet!

The End.