Art Studio Series: Neal

Neal Harrington is an artist and Associate Professor of Art at Arkansas Tech University who teaches printmaking and figure drawing.  He also manages the gallery at Arkansas Tech University.

I met Neal at the Arkansas Arts Center where we competed in the first round of the Portrait Face Off. It was super awkward meeting an artist and immediately competing, and we both acknowledged the oddity of it from the beginning. While we were waiting to be judged (two women walking around with notebooks whispering to each other), I was able to meet Neal’s artist wife Tammy, who also was competing. Neal won the competition and we parted ways – only to be reconnected the next day in the Sunday morning Arkansas Democrat Gazette. They recaptured the intense and awkward battle of our portrait face-off, and we looked so regal in our drawing stances!


I Facebook friended Neal after that, and have enjoyed all of his news feeds of creativity.

Neal Harrington’s Art Studio – Neal’s studio is a shared space with his artist wife Tammy Harrington. Neal writes about his studio below.

“My studio is in the basement of my house and is crazy messy. Organized chaos. I do clean it sometimes but then I am utterly confused!”

NealStudio6 NealStudio1
NealStudio5 NealStudio3

When I commented on the fact that there were instruments in his studio, he replied, “Yes, I can be very loud in there!”

You can visit Neal’s website at


Art Studio Series: Dan

Dan Bina is an artist and professional living in Brooklyn, New York. I solely know him from Facebook. He went to school with mutual friends at Kansas City Art Institute. I saw his work from another friends post and requested to be his friend. He accepted my friend request, and now I get to vicariously live through his artist life in New York! Dan’s wife Katya Mezhibovskaya is also an artist and her website is

Dan’s website is and shop Kahokia is

Dan Bina’s Art Studio – Dan writes about his studio below.

“My Brooklyn based home studio functions as a personal laboratory for developing a multitude of works.”

Dan Bina Studio 7 Dan Bina Studio 4 Dan Bina Studio 5

“It’s primary function is to provide a dedicated space to make messes in and keep them active for a duration of time. This is facilitated and aided by two functional doors and being able to close them.”

Dan Bina Studio 3 Dan Bina Studio 2
Dan Bina Studio 1 Dan Bina Studio 6

“The tight quarters in my studio are a challenge to work around and simultaneous projects do get in the way of each other resulting in this series of pictures which serve to highlight chaos as an aspect to the creative act.” 

Dan Bina working in his Brooklyn studio



Art Night for Projects

The Art Night for April 2014 met and I am thinking this group needs a name – like Crunch and Create, Munch and Make, or Snack and Scheme. The night serves dinner and then space and time to work on a creative project.

M made chicken and vegetable fried rice and then baked chocolate chip cookies.
M Cooking M Baking

Mariel was the first arrival and continued her puppet making project for the Man and Bear musical puppet show by the Damsels in Distress.
MG First Arrival M.G. space M.G. space buttons

J brought a Darth Vader coat rack that she wanted to touch up paint.
J and project J space darth vader J working

M.M. brought her beautiful beads and worked on a bracelet.
M.M. space beads M.M. project bracelet

K and A came together, sat together, and worked on their projects together! K worked on a felt billfold, and A worked on sewing an image for her trading card group.
K and A working K and A working 3 K and A working 2

I worked on printing cards to send to Lucy Luton in England. I was one of the first three to email her for a contest, and she sent me some of her cards – so I wanted to send her some of my cards.
L.K. Carving 2 L.K. Space Ink area L.K. space prints

More pictures of the night!
L.K. space ink work table
 L.K with Ein M.G. Eating
work space L.K. Carving

Art Studio Series: Emily

Emily Wood is an artist in Arkansas. I know her from the Master of Arts painting program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She teaches at the Arkansas Arts Center, and is highly involved in the Arkansas artist community.

Her website is

Emily Wood’s Art Studio – Emily talks about her studio below.

“My studio is in the sun room at my house– it has tile floors and windows on 3 sides.”

“Besides being a little small and a mess, I love it! The lighting is great and I can open the windows when the weather is nice. This is also my dog, Turk’s ‘room’, so I am always picking dog hair out of my paintings!”

EmilyWood1 EmilyWood3


Art Studio Series: Kelsey

Kelsey McCall is a student in the painting progam at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She works in her studio, which is a room in her home.

Kelsey McCall’s Art Studio – Kelsey talks about her studio below.

“I primarily do realistic figurative painting in oil. I’m working on a series of Rockwellesque paintings right now (one of which is on my easel).”
KelseyStudio4 KelseyStudio11
“My studio is a mess. Every once in a while I get overwhelmed with it and I try to clean and organize it all to perfection. But when I’m working I tend to create clutter and chaos around me so the cleanliness doesn’t last long.”

KelseyStudio7 KelseyStudio10 KelseyStudio6

“I recently got a giant black-framed mirror, so now I don’t have to go to the bathroom to paint self-portraits.”

“So my studio is a nice place to work but also a work in progress.”