Art Show at Midtown Carnegie Branch Library

When we first moved back to Springfield in June last year, I approached the reference librarian at Midtown Carnegie Branch Library, who also happened to book the art shows. I sent her the usual and appropriate materials via email and she liked what I sent. We booked a show for September 2017. I went and took pictures of the space to decide what show and sizes would work well.

I decided that the “Family Life Illustration” series at 11×14″ in 16×20″ frames would work well in this community space visually and conceptually. M helped me carry in all of the work and art hanging supplies. I set the pieces against the wall to decide on placement.

Gallery Gal showed up to help me hang the work.

We measured, hammered, and hung. When finished hanging, we leveled, placed the exhibition labels next to each piece, and put up the artist statement. I have a “The Process of Hanging an Art Show” post to reference of more specific show hanging details.

The “Family Life Illustrations” exhibit will be at the Midtown Carnegie Branch Library through the end of November 2017.



Art Show at Tea Bar and Bites

Tea and Bar and Bites is an amazing place. It’s this little cafe on Pickwick that we like to walk to and enjoy a pastry at every now and again.

There is always an array of eclectic art by local artists on display. I asked if I could show some work, and after sending the usual website/portfolio/resume, I was invited to show for the month of June. I recently completed a series called “15 Illustrations,” which I have now renamed “Family Life Illustrations” and that is what I wanted to use for this show at Tea Bar and Bites.

I went and photographed and measured the space months before the show. The space is limited, so I had to make a decision. Either I could hang about 10 of the pieces or I could make small art prints and hang all of the work. I decided to go with the latter decision because I think not only should the entire series be displayed together, but by putting up the smaller prints I could charge way less – should anyone want to leave with some of my art. I also created some cards, art prints, and musical magnets to sell.

I ended up taking my kid with me to hang the show, so I wasn’t sure how that would go, but it ended up working out! Tea Bar and Bites gave me a cup of tea “on the house” – a Georgia Peach – while I set up the show.

I had three walls to work with. I set up the pieces first to see where everything should go.

Once I set up the pieces, I realized that one of the plaster walls wouldn’t take any more holes, so I had to improvise and ended up using extra spaces I found.


They even gave me a little cart to set up my extra fun stuff for sell.

This show is up for the month of June. The reception is Thursday, June 15th at 5 to 7 and The Damsels in Distress will be performing.





15 Illustrations: Costume Parade at the Library Center

I am working with Inktense pencils, Micron ink pens, and Canson Illustration 11×14″ 150lb art pad to create 15 illustrations (that is how many pieces of paper are in the art pad) of my current family life and inspirations.

img_7134 img_7135 img_7138

This work is narrative in content and uses color in a monochromatic way accentuating one part of each drawing. These fun and quirky illustrations are a reflection of the current joy and activities I have been experiencing.

“Costume Parade at the Library Center,” was a fun Halloween costume parade at the Library Center in Springfield. All of the librarians dressed up and set up trick-or-treating stations throughout the library. They had the kids line up and go through the library collecting fun toys and stickers from each of the librarians. This was a super fun event, and because my kid had no intention of staying in the line, we caught the end of the line and wandered through at our own toddler pace. I used Inktense Pencil Saddle Brown to accentuate the library’s architecture and add to the structure of the space in the drawing.


My favorite things about this drawing are all of the fun costumes and patterns,

img_9631 img_9630 img_9625
img_9624 img_9622 img_9621 img_9620img_9629

the cool arches and architecture of the library,

img_9626 img_9627

and the plant and “hold” bookshelf.

Inspiration for this drawing

img_7682 img_6394 img_6552

Living a Real Pinteresting Life

Pinterest is that special place we visit when we want to feel inspired, organized, and all put together. The projects there are displayed with all of their beautiful details, perfectly categorized, and placed in their own neat boxes. And when we think of our own projects, don’t similar results always feel achievable?

For example, I don’t know how to use a sewing machine, but when I saw that handmade doll, I knew if I got all of the supplies I could do that, right? My DIY doll was later named “douche rag,” which we shortened to “doo rag” for the child’s dignity and my self-esteem. The mother smiled politely and being a good mom she put the hand-sewn, buttoned-eyed choking hazard out of her child’s reach as soon as I left. Typical, right?


But these results don’t have to describe our Pinterest experiences. By following the six simple suggestions below, we can have better, more fulfilling DIY projects.

1. Know your goal

What do you want to achieve? Pick one thing and stick to it. This is not the time to redo your entire living room, put together from scratch a first birthday party, or try to create the artwork for an entire exhibit. Think bite-sized. Think baby steps. Instead of remodeling the living room, pick a corner and start there. Instead of an entire party, hand-make the invitations or the cake. Rather than an entire exhibit, just paint one picture. You want your goal to be manageable enough that you can easily achieve it. Consider what you will need to invest in terms of finances, time, and new skills, then decide if it something you should attempt on your own. Let your successes and your new skills build slowly developing a sustainable momentum.

2. Enjoy the process

We are used to admiring picture-perfect results, but the real action is behind-the-scenes. It’s the process, silly! If you are not enjoying yourself, those fun pictures you take and post may be of your first and last Pinterest project. Even if you are a perfectionist, try to be present through the entire process. Taking pictures throughout may help. You might just make some great memories and a few photo-ops. Also, people can sense fun, so even if your project is not perfect, people may be drawn to the fun moments you had. Think of those funny “nailed it” pictures when things gets rough.


3. Be gracious to yourself

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darnet people like me.” This is the time to be okay if your project falls apart, your cake is lopsided, or your painting looks crappy. You set a goal and you achieved it. Way to go! Make sure you get your Pinterest picture of the good parts.


4. Be gracious to others

Social media is a buzzword, but it’s also a community of real-live human beings. If your project succeeded, then that is good for you. You have had some success! Make sure to enjoy the results in a fun and healthy way without gloating or making comparisons with other Pinterest posters. If your project failed, pick up the pieces because you didn’t really fail. You set a goal and made an effort – and that itself is a win. Be careful not to turn your disappointment into jealousy or judgment. Remember the reasons you are on Pinterest and help build that community.

5. Be brave

You are going to have to have confidence to post that picture success or failure. Part of “living a real Pinteresting life” is showing and sharing your stuff.

6. Keep calm and Pinterest on

Be okay if no one else cares what you just did even if it was comparable to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.


You can visit my Pinterest at

Art for La Leche League

I donated some art pieces for the La Leche League of Springfield‘s 3rd Annual “Live, Love Latch!” event this year.  I initially discovered the La Leche League in Arkansas. They are a breastfeeding support group, which has been really helpful for me as a new mom. Once we moved to Springfield, I knew the La Leche League would be an easy way to meet people and make friends.

I donated three pieces and had them matted at National Art Shop, which is the most amazing locally owned art shop I have ever been to.

stillife-brushstroke-3 happy-birthday-redSONY DSC

The day was warm with a slight breeze. It was great to see so many people and families that support the La Leche League here in Springfield.

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lll11 lll-art
lll2 lll3 1119
1118 lll7
lll6 1115